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The WHAT is depending on your set goals and expectations. This means we will analyze your data first in order to present a sense check and feasibility rating, whether this is SKU profitability, increase basket size or fequency, market segmentation, promotional impact analysis or complex sales data, we can handle all your requirements. Setting the goals and targets together with you is a first and important step towards a clear and easy to interpret solution, whether this is a one off project or a recurring reporting agreement. Off course after we agree on data security protocols and the NDA.



The HOW is us. We don't sell tools, licenses or business intelligence suites instead we provide a concrete solution and insights for your needs. The tools we use ourselves are the standard available packages and applications (including freeware software), the actual knowledge rest in our vast experience and creative approach to the best suited solution you need. But if you already have a standard application for your analytics and business intelligence needs we can use that tooling as well: we have immediate and hands-on experience on most BI suites and applications.



Timing and distribution is essential when it comes to information supply to your most important internal and external stakeholders. Whether you want regular, weekly, monthly, on demand or triggered KPI's we can take care of the complete scheduling and interval set-up for all your information needs. For more complex analytics we agree on a set deadline during which we will update you constantly. Based on the desired security protocols we agree on how you want the analytics to be distributed and to whom. Your information is available WHEN you need it. - data analytics and data insights



We are an independent organization founded in May 2019 that specializes in data analytics and data insights, specifically loyalty analytics for retail. With our wealth of experience in data modeling, reporting and analytics we are able to provide a full range of services and solutions for all your data analytics requirements. We specialize in complex big data sets where our single goal is to transform your data into a concrete, actual, accurate and valuable asset at an affordable price. We do love a good challenge that often starts “it cannot be done”.


Our triple A in our name represents our values. We are ACCURATE and will check your base data for anomalies or out of bound values. We will triple check all analytics and perform stress simulations to see if our models withstand scrutiny. We are ADAPTABLE, we can almost fulfill any data analytics you request, and we are also able to change the game plan in case this should be necessary: in other words we can adapt to ever changing (market) circumstances. And we can do it fast if needed. We are AFFORDABLE: we don’t sell business suites, applications or licenses, we provide meaningful value at great value and we are a solid partner for all kinds of organizations and market sizes.


We specialize and have 15+ years of experience in: promotional impact analysis for retail loyalty programs (sales growth, basket size, basket profitability, category growth, consumer segment growth, frequency etc.), evaluating loyalty offers/proposals by loyalty players (fully objective based on your data and your targets), predictive analysis, simulation and what-if-scenario building, KPI reporting and dashboarding, CRM data analysis, sales and sales performance analysis (lead generation, hit rates, retention, new business development scenarios), supply chain analytics (distribution plan modeling, inventory allocation analysis, stock coverage). Our aim is to create business opportunities, limit your business risks and help you to transform your data into a key asset.
read our business cases for concrete examples


we have done analytics for:

(on specific request and where possible, we can share many more)



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