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business case 4

topic : inventory reporting and sequential marketing
: wholesale, releasing locked capital, reporting, compliance

For a client we developed a full set of specific reporting and dashboards in the client's own business intelligence solution SAP Business Objects (specifically the Webintelligence module). The reports were compiled by combining inventory data, sales data, sales leads data, retention data and financial data in a master report in which the financial impact of inventory ranges were shown, including and excluding possible sales leads. This resulted in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of the current inventory position but also the inventory position in time (for instance taking into account the probability of a sales lead becoming a contract). The report made it also possible to perform sequential marketing towards their own clients and contractors, so rotating certain SKU's in a certain time and in a certain geographical area lowering the risk of keep too much inventory. Apart from saving many man hours of getting the right data in one comprehensive view combining many data sources, these reports are now embedded into our client's organization and auditing processes and have resulted in a maximum of 15% unused inventory rate (which used to be over 50%). The cost savings in warehousing and depreciation that were realized keep being (very) substantial. We review the reporting in SAP BO still on a regular basis and continue to improve on new content and revised KPI's.

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