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business case 1

topic : measuring the success of a short term loyalty promotion
area : food retail, loyalty promotion, sales growth

For several food retailers we did the full analysis of short term stamps based loyalty promotions where kitchen items could be collected by the shoppers. The analysis involved pre-promotion, during promotion and post-promotion effects. Based on the ticket data we received from our clients, we were able to analyze the exact promotional impact of the promotion, like: people that collected items vs. people that did not collect items, sales growth per segment, stamps issuance, shopping basket size and shopping frequency/development, the effect of supplier funded articles, the effect of private label items, the realized sales growth per spend band groups, store performance in terms of participation, sales growth and articles collected. We were also able to pin point the exact areas of growth and if the promotion did have a positive ROI. We advised what could be improved for a next promotion and we translated insights gained by this analysis into the design of a new promotion with adjusted parameters. In terms of presentation, we prepared a full story driven presentation/slides stack that was used for the client's internal stakeholders and for evaluating/deciding on possible next investments. We use a very effective standard framework for this analysis so we can keep our costs low; however, we can also incorporate additional analysis and KPI's if needed and we can implement these adjustments fast due to the flexibility and adaptability of our working methods.

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