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business case 3

topic : increase sales leads for maintenance and service
area : process industry, cost saving, sales increase, efficiency

For a gas- and oil equipment manufacturer we developed a sales leads generation model that increased the sales leads by 50% based on the installed base of the manufacturer. Based on the transactional data of the client we calculated the average time between main and minor maintenance cycles and based on that we could compile a predictive maintenance model that generated sales leads for the part and service business unit (service engineers and spare parts). This allowed for a better distribution and increased efficiency of service engineers and internal workshop capacities, as well as increased turnover for the parts and service department. The manufacturer's clients experienced cost savings due to more regular maintenance that increased process efficiency – costs were specifically saved on electricity, water, spare parts and depreciation – being environmental conscious organizations, the savings on these resource led to an increased corporate image. The method of generating these sales leads and service planning became a global standard practice in the Installed Base database and helped the client to grow turnover and the manufacturer's clients to reduce significant cost (both onshore and offshore) and bring a positive change towards the environment.

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